Mr N M Bhat of Barkur

One of the Prominent Bankers of our time

Mr. N.M. Bhat of Barkur



I am happy to present Mr. N.M. Bhat, Senior Manager of Canara Bank in Brahmavar, as the P.O.M. for the month of May 2006.


Those of us who know him and have had the privilege of receiving his services do not need an introduction. He welcomes everyone with a great smile and one can easily feel the warm welcome that flows from his heart. The motto of CANARA BANK is “Serving to grow, growing to serve.” This manager along with his staff at the Canara Bank Varamballi Branch in Brahamavar live up to that commitment everyday. Mr. Bhat is a strong promoter of teamwork and strives for unity and understanding between himself and his staff.



Mr. N.M. Bhat is a very humble man and relates with every client in a professional manner. He is very competent in his work and draws many new customers to his bank. He takes time to listen carefully to the needs of every client no matter if they come for loans or to make a deposit. He treats all with the same proper respect. I know some of our Barkur car drivers and Rickshaw drivers have approached him for loans to purchase their vehicle and he has assisted them with great trust and confidence.




I have been a  client of this bank for the last fifteen years and have seen many senior managers come and go but Mr. Bhat has made a great impact on me. I can see the tremendous progress made in the Vramballi Branch in  Brahmavar, especially with their  excellent customer service. Mr.Bhat  is a very simple down to earth kind of  guy. Honest and hard working. In my opinion Canara Bank’s Varamballi Branch ranks number one in customer service among all the surrounding banks in the   area. All due to  Mr. Bhat’s work ethic  and the teamwork of his staff.


Family and education:  N. Manjunatha Bhat was born on June 15, 1956 in Nayarabettu, near Bhandimutt, Barkur. He is one of eight children born to N. Narashimha Bhat and Smt. Padmavathi. His parents owned their family farm and worked hard to provide their children with a quality education that would help them build a brighter future. One of his brothers, Mr. Ramesh Bhat, is doing priestly work offering ‘Puja’ in the temple of the Lord. Another brother, Ganesh Bhat, owns a grocery store and a rice mill. His five sisters are married and settled in their family life.


Mr. N.M. Bhat received his primary and college education in the National Junior College in Barkur. He continues his higher studies and obtained a B.Sc. degree in Agriculture from the Agricultural College and University in Hebgbal in Bangalore. Mr. N.M. Bhat is married to Smt. Sukanya and they have two children; a boy, N.M. Pawan, and a girl, N.M. Pavithra.


Service to the bank he loves:  Mr. N.M. Bhat joined the wonderful team of Canara Bank on March 3, 1980. He served the bank in many rural and city branches all over India. Here are the places that benefited from his professional services: Varthur, Bangalore, Mangalore, Madikeri, Ujire, Patna (Bihar) Shimoga, Sagar and now for the past two years he has served as Senior Manager in the Varamballi Branch in Brahmavar.


The Varamballi Branch in Brahmavar was established in 1970. Presently, there are seventeen employees that consist of: a senior manager, two officers, one special assistant, eight clerks and five sub staff. The bank offers a wide range of services to the local community such as: all kinds of deposits and loans for various purposes like business, agriculture, service sectors, self-employment, education, housing, etc. They also deal with insurance business with Aviva Insurance Company and pension disbursement.





Viewers of the website Barkuronline.com are welcome to visit the bank’s website www.canbankindia.com for various activities of the Canara Bank all over the nation and abroad.


In the name of Barkuronline.com, its web Master Kishoo De Barkur and his team I wish Mr. N.M. Bhat the very best and thank him for his wholehearted service to our local Barkur community and surrounding villages and towns. We Barkurians are truly blessed to have such a wonderful person in the banking business to help us with our financial needs.


May God bless him and his wonderful family.


Fr.Tony Andrade De Barkur.  (frandrade@aol.com)

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