Principal, Shri Vidyamanya English Medium High School, Heradi, Barkur.

Many a times we were startled to see some people, who believe and practice that ‘work is worship’, by letter and spirit and their own thirst for knowledge and imparting that knowledge to others is marvelous, irrespective of their advancing age! One such person is our respected Lecturer Shri. M.V.R.Acharya. Yes the term Acharya means teacher or guru, and he is a teacher for almost 50 Years!!

The man at the age of near 75, on March 2006, even on this day, he not only teaches but also holds the Head Master’s chair, and discharge all administrative responsibilities, gracefully of a new born, School (in the year 2003) i.e. Shri Vidyesha Vidyamanya National English Medium School at Heardi junction, Barkur.

The man encountered the hardships since the childhood days and realized value of education to come up in life, we feel honored to be taught by him in the National Junior College, Barkur. A master of most of the subjects – may it be Mathematics or Science subjects or the language English or History, Mr. Achar had the blessed  knack, probably inherited by his teacher father, and vast, thorough knowledge, to make any such subject  so interesting, used to make us to listen to him attentively, in the classrooms even for long hours.

The Barkur-online site chosen Mr. Achar as ‘Personality of the Month’, not just looking at him, what he is today, instead it is an earnest effort to record his history, to be a lesson to the present generation. We are sure, once you read these few lines, it will fill you with inspiration and make you to stand to salute – ‘a great man, a great life dedicated to the cause of education!


Early life and a journey in search of stability:

Late Mr. M.Ramanna Acharya, a primary School teacher, hailing from the famous Acharya clan of Matapady Brahmins, who was blessed with five children, three daughters and two sons and M.Vittaldas R. Achar is the eldest…..

 Since the Board Schools of pre-independence era were managed and controlled by District Board and the frequent transfer was imminent… and so from Brahmmavar then to Chitrapady the family was on the move and ultimately landed in Barkur in the year 1936, when the child MVR Achar was just 5 years old.

Born in the year 1931, March, they were living in a rented house at Moodukeri. Started his primary studies in the one and only School in the area, near the present St. Peter’s Church, Govt. English School, passed his 7th over here. He still recollects his association with Catholic friends who were his classmates and their influence persuaded to know Christian way of life and beliefs well.

Now the success story of teenaged bright M.Vittaldas R. Acharya is unfolding – Passing 7th and in early 40’s there was no High School in Barkur, his father’s sources not enough to send the son to distant Kallianpur or Udupi, crossing two rivers. Moreover, the trials and tribulations of British-raj and its active participation in World war 1935 – 1945, known for untold miseries of middle class people! The young boy had to earn to support the family and tried his hands in some menial jobs, though not interested in them at all, later went to Badami to serve as a ‘waiter’ in his Uncle’s Hotel, even his younger brother was made to follow him, to support the family.


The Three good things at a time:

Good news of starting of a High School in Barkur:

Freedom on 15th August, 1947 and the birth of a High School in Barkur re-kindled the aspirations of MVR and wasting no time returned from Badami to natives to join the 8th Standard, after a break of few years! At the same time around, his father got a piece of land from Bhandarkeri Mutt, near present Mary knoll Hr. Elementary School Hosala and constructed a new own house there in the year 1947.

With that first batch of students, MVR passed SSLC in the year 1951 with flying colors, a milestone in the life. Later got admission in MGM College Udupi - he still acknowledges the help of Shri Krishna Mutt, who used to provide free food and in the same year his marriage took place. It was in Lingaraj College, Belgaum; MVR passed his Degree in Science faculty - B.Sc. in the year 1955. He re-collects with gratitude the financial support extended by his father-in-law who happened to be his mother’s brother.

The happiness of young MVR short-lived as in the same year his Mother breathed her last at the young age of 43 only!

First step towards the profession royal:

Since the very beginning MVR was attracted towards the teaching profession and being a graduate in Science, he was invited to join the SMS High School Brahmmavar, in the year 1955 and served for one academic year. It was the passion for this noble profession, prompted him to  make up his mind to join B.T. in Government College Mangalore, and in the year 1957 he come out as a qualified ‘Graduate High School Teacher’!

Uphill task to support the family, sisters’ marriage, establishing his own family and children, that too once his father retired from service in the year1955, the pressure on the young shoulders dwindled. Young MVR again moved to Badami to join a new High School over there and continued till 1960.


Thirty Long years in National High School and Junior College:

It is surely a blessing to serve as a teacher in the same High School one studied and MVR joined Barkur High school in the year 1960. As we mentioned earlier, he was a teacher perfect. His handwriting was artistic and used draw beautifully. Earlier he used take up Science and Mathematics. I personally experienced his teaching in Class 8th where he taught us Biology in year 1974-75. He was NCC Officer during those years and we saw his discipline, in-depth knowledge of Armed forces, and love for motherland!

MVR used to give tuitions to SSLC / PUC students and the buzz-word was his students will sure to pass in public Examinations.

Later MVR passed M.A. in History and promoted as Lecturer in early 70’s. continued till he retired from service in the year 1990. His lectures were very interesting with rich vocabulary, humors and perfect pronunciation and grammar. His love for art and architecture, culture and folklore was so deep and matured. I have seen him acting and directing the plays too.

It is with his hard work, was able to accomplish all responsibilities of sisters marriage etc and MVR is blessed with Four Sons! Now all well settled in life.


Retirement from service to begin a second innings as Head of various Educational Institutions:

MVR was an able administrator and it was Dandathirtha English Medium High School at Kaup took the best advantage of his experience for almost Seven years i.e. 1990 – 1997 as the Head Master.

Once he made up his mind to leave this Institute who was guardian since its very inception, was immediately called by Shri Venkataramana English Medium High School at Coondapur as Head Master for almost three years.

Our Barkur is having half a dozen Primary Schools and couple of Kannada Medium High Schools. Whereas the neighboring Brahmmavar is fortunate to have 3-4 English Medium and good number of Kannada Primary and High Schools. Of course this web-site strongly advocated for the establishment of at-least one English Medium Primary School, in our locality, but in vein.  In 2003, Barkur Educational Society took initiative to start Shri Vidyesha Vidyamanya National English Medium School at Heardi, Barkur. The search for an able Head Master was on… and at the age of 71 this responsibility was entrusted on none but MVR Achar!


The new building is coming up, the campus was cleaned and playground got leveled, stage is built, every year new classes are added and now KG classes also introduced. All symptoms of a model Institution are clearly visible!!



There are two types of persons in this world – those who ‘think first of difficulties’ and those who think first of the ‘importance of accomplishment in spite of difficulties’.

Mr. Achar, though had to suffer a lot in the journey of life, seen an opportunity in every disaster. With a smile and cosmopolitan approach, he taught people with 100% dedication. I know at least a dozen youngsters, specially Christians, who failed in SSLC later crossed the hurdle, with the help of Mr. Achar, now reached to great heights in their personal life.

MVR Acharya, the name symbolized all that is best in a true Barkurian Brahmin. His caring and endearing nature, his abiding concern for the comparatively weak students, his love of a good laugh, and of course his instinct to trust even those not worthy of it, made him one of a kind in hundreds in today’s Barkur. May the Almighty Lord bless him with good health, and we are sure he will teach and serve till the very end as he derives immense contentment by doing so.

All the very best Sir, we Barkurian’s salutes you by joining our hands and bowing our heads.


On behalf of Barkur on-line Team and ICYM Barkur Ex-Member’s Association,


P. Archibald Furtado, Muscat, 31st December, 2005.

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