Antiquities of Barkur - A study

Based on the research made by  Ms. Poornima S. Belle

Collected by Miss Divya Furtado, Vice President, ICYM, Barkur.

Thanks to the Librarian, SMS College, Brahmavar, &  Dr. K.B.Shivatarak, M.A., Ph.D., Dip in Epigraphy.


On the basis of Inscriptions, the history of Barakuru can be reconstructed. A number of inscriptions have been discovered, recorded and published by various Departments.Some are published in the South Indian Inscriptions, Epigraph India, Karnataka Inscription etc. Many inscriptions are reported in the Annual Reports on South Indian epigraphy.

The Inscription discovered by Dr. B. V. Shetty are as follows:

1. Inscriptions on Halegaradi in Cherkady, Udupi Dist.(1247-48 A.D.) 2. The kela Adpu (Udupi Dist) inscriptions of Virapandya Alupendra dated 1275 - 1276 A.D.

3. Another important inscription is discovered in Bennekudru. It is dated saka 1256

4. Two inscriptions of Vijayanagara period discovered at Korgi Nilskalmakki in Kundapur Taluk.

5. An inscription of Devaraya I, found at Bastimakki, Hangarkatta is important for the study of religious conditions and it records a gift to manigarkeri Basadi.

6. An inscription from Hanehalli, Barakuru reveals that the governer of Barakuru in 1417 was Bacchanna Vodeya.

7. Another inscription of Mallikarjuna discovered in kotekeri, Barakuru is of considerable importance of the study of cultural istory.

8. Another inscription discovered at Angadimakki in Barakuru is dated 1464-65 A.D. It belongs to the reign of Virupaksha.

9. Another inscription dated in the cyclic year Prabhava found in the

Virabhadra Temple is important for the reconstruction of political history.

Some inscriptions of Barakuru belong to the Alupas, Hoysalas and Vijayanagara dynasties.

By: Divya Furtado, Barkur

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