Inscriptions - Alupa


   There are  two  inscriptions in Barakur which tells about CHOLAattack on  South  Kanara.  These  two inscriptions are found in Mudukeri of Barakuru. They are in  kannada  script and language.These were  engraved  during  Alupa  ruler  BANKIDEVA  I,  they mention about the name of Shatara ruler who defeated Chola. For the first time there is mention  about tulu  language in SouthKanara in this inscriptions.

Barakuru  became  the  capital  of Alupas during the ruler Kavi Alupendra.  His first  inscription  dated  1139  A.D. is  found in  Panchalingeshwara  Temple.  This  inscription  is important from political and economic points of  view.  There is  mention about coins like pandya Gadyana and for the first time there is mention about Tholha of Suralu in this inscription. Another  inscription of  kavi  Alupendra  is  found in Kotekeri which is  very  important  to study history o f Barakuru.  This inscription is dated 1155  A.D. (June 27) There is mention that kavi Alupendra ruled from  BARAHAKANYAPURA.

Inscription of the Alupa ruler SOYIDEVA is found in Somanthesvaratemple of Manigarkeri Barakuru. This inscription is tiltle of Soyideva, 123 lines and states with titles of Soyideva like Srimantapandya Chakravarthi and Ariraya Basavashankara which mentions the rule of Soyideva. This inscription is dated on November 1315 A.D. It is important from the political point of view.

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