10th International Yoga Day Celebration at Sri Vidyesh Vidyamanya National English Medium School, Heradi-Barkur

News : Nagendra Achar, Pics  Chaithanya Shetty.

Heradi-Barkur, June 21, 2024 – The 10th International Yoga Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor at Sri Vidyesh Vidyamanya National English Medium School. The event saw active participation from students, teachers, and the community, highlighting the importance of yoga for holistic health and well-being.

The celebration was inaugurated by Mrs. Likhita Kothari, who lit the ceremonial lamp. In her address, Mrs. Kothari emphasized the significance of yoga in maintaining the harmony of mind and body. She remarked, "The practice of yoga not only brings balance to our thoughts and actions but also ensures the harmony of mind and body." Her words set a positive tone for the day's activities.

Mrs. Sujatha L. Rai, a senior teacher at the school, shared valuable insights about the role of yoga in daily life. She urged the students to integrate yoga and meditation into their daily routines rather than confining the practice to a single day. "Yoga should not be limited to one day only; students should incorporate meditation and yoga in their daily routine," she advised, underscoring the long-term benefits of regular practice.

The stage was graced by the presence of several key faculty members, including Mrs. Jyoti Shetty, physical education teachers Mr. Suresh Shetty, and Mrs. Jyoti. Their presence highlighted the collective effort and commitment of the school's staff toward promoting the benefits of yoga among students.

The event began with a soulful prayer song performed by Mrs. Sujatha Shetty, which set a serene atmosphere for the proceedings. Mr. Poornesh extended his heartfelt thanks to all those who contributed to the success of the event. Special mention was made of Computer Teacher Mr. Chethanya and other teachers and non-teaching staff, who played a crucial role in assisting the students throughout the program.

A key highlight of the celebration was the yoga demonstration led by the physical education teachers and actively participated in by the students. The demonstrations showcased various asanas and highlighted the practical aspects of incorporating yoga into daily life. The class teachers also extended their cooperation, ensuring a smooth and engaging session for all participants.

The 10th International Yoga Day at Sri Vidyesh Vidyamanya National English Medium School was a resounding success. It not only celebrated the ancient practice of yoga but also instilled a deeper understanding and appreciation for its benefits among students and the broader school community. The event served as a reminder of the importance of integrating yoga into daily routines to achieve a balanced and harmonious life.

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