Ashok C. Pooajari conferred Rajathabhinandane Award

-Anand Kumar Barkur 

In a ceremony held at the Sri Ramakrishna Ashram in Mangalore, the prestigious "Rajatabhinandane" award was conferred upon yoga instructors from Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts, recognizing their dedicated service in the field of yoga education for over 25 years. The award, a symbol of honor and distinction, was presented to Ashok C. Poojary, Barkur, a Teacher at the Government Higher Primary School Kodykanyana.

The event was graced by the presence of revered Swami Jitakamanandaji Maharaj, the president of Sri Ramakrishna Math, who felicitated the accomplished yoga instructors for their remarkable contributions. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal and officials from the Department of Ayush in Dakshina Kannada district were among the chief guests, underscoring the significance of yoga in promoting holistic well-being.

Prominent figures such as Sri Gopal Krishna Delampady, the president of the Yoga Pratishthana, and Dr. Suresh Delampady, along with representatives from RNS Institute of Technology, Bangalore, added to the dignified gathering as distinguished guests of honor.

The spotlight, however, was on Ashok C. Poojary, a dedicated co-educator from Barkur, also the son of well known Chooda Master, who received heartfelt congratulations for his commendable service in the field of yoga education. The ceremony served as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the tireless efforts of these yoga instructors, fostering a sense of pride and inspiration within the community.

The occasion marked a harmonious blend of tradition and recognition, as the Sri Ramakrishna Ashram continued its mission of honoring those who have significantly contributed to the promotion and dissemination of yoga knowledge in the region.

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