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In a spectacular display of speed and skill, the Barakuru Nadumane Kambala, a renowned traditional buffalo race, unfolded today with fervor and enthusiasm. The highlight of the event was the fierce competition  where Karnataka Rajyothsava Awardee Barkur Shri B. Shantaram Shetty's adept buffaloes triumphed, securing the first position with an impressive timing of 11.48 seconds.

The Kambala, a traditional sport deeply rooted in Karnataka's cultural heritage, attracted participants and spectators alike, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. The prowess of Shri B. Shantaram Shetty's buffaloes named Adrit and Adirat  showcased not only their speed but also the meticulous training and dedication invested in preparing for such events.

The echoes of triumph reverberated through the Kambala grounds as Shri Abhijit Pandeshwar, Shri Devadas Hoskere, and Shri B. Ramachandra Kamath collaborated as the flag bearers for the buffalo race. The highlight of the competition unfolded where Barakuru Shri B. Shantaram Shetty's buffaloes clinched the first position with an impressive timing of 11.48 seconds.

The victory in the  marks a significant achievement for Barakur, and Shri B. Shantaram Shetty's expertise in nurturing and training these magnificent animals has once again been proven. The Kambala, known for its pulsating energy and traditional fervor, continues to be a vital aspect of Karnataka's cultural landscape, preserving age-old traditions and fostering a sense of community.

As accolades pour in for the triumphant team, the Kambala enthusiasts and supporters extend their heartfelt congratulations to Shri B. Shantaram Shetty and his buffaloes for their stellar performance. The event not only celebrates the speed and agility of these majestic animals but also honors the rich cultural tapestry of Karnataka through the time-honored tradition of Kambala.

The felicitation ceremony saw the presence of distinguished personalities, including Shri Madhukar Shetty, Shri B. Seetharam Shetty, Shri Karunakar Shetty, and other notable figures. The victory not only underscored the speed and agility of the buffaloes but also highlighted the dedication and expertise of Shri B. Shantaram Shetty in nurturing these magnificent animals.

Acknowledging the accomplishment, the organizers extended heartfelt congratulations to Shri B. Shantaram Shetty, emphasizing the significance of his contribution to the rich cultural heritage of Karnataka through the traditional Kambala event. The ceremony also recognized the outstanding performance of participants from various corners, with Chaitra Parameshwar Bhat from Bollamballa securing the first position in the Halage category with a timing of 12.13 seconds.

In the senior Hagg Hiriy category, Shri Madhukar Shetty from Adhikari Mane emerged victorious with a timing of 11.79 seconds, while in the Hagg Kiriya category, Shri B. Shantaram Shetty's buffaloes claimed the top spot.

The event concluded with the distribution of awards, expressing gratitude to all the participants and ardent supporters who contributed to the grand success of the Barakuru Nada Mane Kambala. The remarkable turnout and spirited competition underscored the enduring cultural significance of Kambala in the hearts of the community.

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