Barkur Parish Hosts Enriching Summer Camp for Young Minds

-News n Pics : Sanita Crasta

Barkur,  - The picturesque coastal town of Barkur is abuzz with excitement as St. Peter's Church opens its doors to host a three-day Summer Camp for the local children. Organized by the parish, this annual event aims to provide a wholesome and engaging experience for young minds, fostering personal growth, spiritual development, and community bonding.

On the morning of May 7th, 2024, the historic church premises welcomed 55 enthusiastic participants, ranging from the first to the tenth standard, with open arms. The camp was inaugurated with a heartwarming prayer song, setting the tone for the days ahead. Presiding over the ceremony were esteemed guests, including Rev. Fr. Ronald Miranda, the Parish Priest, Jossie Fernandes, the Vice President of the Parish Council, Sr. Jasmitha Crasta, and other esteemed resource persons.

Jossie Fernandes, addressing the eager campers, encouraged them to make the most of this opportunity, emphasizing the importance of utilizing their time wisely and embracing the diverse learning experiences on offer.

To facilitate a more personalized and engaging experience, the children were divided into three groups, each with its own set of activities and sessions tailored to their age and interests.

The camp's inaugural day was a whirlwind of enlightening sessions and thought-provoking discussions. Fr. Ronald Miranda kickstarted the proceedings with ice-breaking group activities and an insightful talk on speech ethics, imparting valuable lessons on effective communication and respectful dialogue.

Sr. Asha's session on the "Importance of Nature and Health" aimed to instill a deep appreciation for the natural world and promote healthy lifestyle choices among the young participants. Mrs. Charlotte Dais delved into the realm of "Family Values," highlighting the significance of strong familial bonds and the virtues that shape a harmonious household.

Kishore Gonsalves' interactive session on "Modern Media and Trends" provided a thought-provoking exploration of the ever-evolving digital landscape, equipping the children with the tools to navigate it responsibly and critically. Interspersed with inspirational messages, the session encouraged a balanced and mindful approach to technology.

Sr. Jasmitha Crasta's session on "Friendship" struck a chord with the young attendees, emphasizing the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships, empathy, and mutual support.

Throughout the day, the members of the Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM) kept the energy levels high, organizing engaging games and fun activities that fostered teamwork, creativity, and camaraderie.

The dedicated team of volunteers, led by Fr. Ronald Miranda and comprising Herbert Menezes, Shwetha and Cyprian Pinto, Sanita Crasta, and others, ensured the seamless organization of the camp, providing support in arranging meals and other provisions for the participants.

As the first day of the camp drew to a close, the children departed with a renewed sense of excitement, eagerly anticipating the activities and experiences that lay ahead. The Summer Camp promises to be a transformative journey, nurturing young minds, instilling values, and fostering a strong sense of community within the Barkur Parish.

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