Barkur Team Shantharam Shetty to participate in Historic Kambala Event in Bengaluru

News n Visuals Anand Kumar Barkur 

Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka, is set to host a significant cultural event on November 25th and 26th – the Kambala festival of Tulunadu. Kambala, a traditional buffalo race, holds deep historical significance in the southern coastal region of Karnataka, known as Tulunadu.

This unique Kambala event is being organized in Bengaluru to showcase the rich cultural heritage of South Canara, bringing together people from all walks of life. The event aims to highlight the historic Kambala sport, deeply rooted in the traditions of South Canara.

Expressing gratitude to all the officials and individuals involved, the organizers acknowledge the efforts put into making this event a reality. Behind the scenes, there has been dedicated work by officials, with special mention to Shri Shantaram Shetty, recipient of the Karnataka Rajyotsava Award, for his contributions to the Kambala field.

The event is not only a celebration of tradition but also a platform for fostering unity among Karnataka's diverse communities. It is an opportunity for people from different backgrounds to come together and appreciate the cultural richness of the southern part of the state.

In a special gesture, Shri Shantaram Shetty, the esteemed recipient of the Karnataka Rajyotsava Award, is set to participate in the Kambala event in Bengaluru with his pair of Buffaloes on November 25th and 26th. The organizers extend their best wishes, hoping for his triumphant success in this historical Kambala event.

The entire Gram Panchayat, including all officials, extends blessings to Team Shantaram Shetty and every participant in the event. Their support resonates not only from Barkur but reaches out to every village in the region, emphasizing the unity and cultural significance embedded in this traditional sport.

As Bengaluru eagerly awaits the Kambala spectacle, it is not just a sporting event but a cultural extravaganza that transcends boundaries, bringing communities together to celebrate Karnataka's unique heritage.

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