Bhakta Kanaka Dasa Memorial Lecture Inspires Devotion and Social Reflection at NJC, Barkur

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BARKUR - In a poignant tribute to the revered saint and social reformer Bhakta Kanaka Dasa, the 5th series of the memorial lecture was held at NJC (Name of the institution), Barkur. The event, which took place on 16th November 2023 inside the Kalamandira, saw Prof Prajna Marpalli from the Department of Kannada at Poorna Prajna College Udupi deliver an insightful lecture.

Kanaka Dasa, born as Thimmappa Nayaka on 3rd December 1509, transitioned from a warrior to a Haridasa, or servant of God, after miraculously surviving a grave battle injury. Prof Prajna highlighted Kanaka Dasa's devotion and literary contributions, focusing on his works like Nala Charitre, Hari Bhaktisara, Mohana Tarangini, and Rama Dyana Charitre, all centering around the concept of one God Almighty.

The lecture, held at NJC Auditorium, captivated the audience as Prof Prajna sang a few melodious renditions of Kanaka Dasa's compositions. Dr. Jagdeesh Shetty, the retired Principal of Poorna Prajna College and Administrator of the Kanakadasa Learning and Research Centre, extended a warm welcome to guests and students, emphasizing the importance of understanding figures like Kanaka Dasa.

Prof Archibald Furtado, Administration Coordinator of National Institutions, expressed gratitude for arranging the lecture at NJC and commended Prof Prajna Marpalli's narrative. He referenced the 'Kanakana Kindi' at Udupi as living proof of devotion and faith, recounting Kanaka Dasa's defiance against the rigid caste system.

In his presidential address, Principal Prof Kottraswamy U hailed Kanaka Dasa's contribution to the Bhakti movement and his role in discarding the caste system. The principal stressed the timeless relevance of Kanaka Dasa's ethical values, equality, and commitment to social justice, urging students to incorporate these qualities into their lives.

The well-organized program was skillfully compeered by Mrs. Jyothy, a Kannada lecturer, and concluded with a vote of thanks by Mrs. Hemavathy P S, the Headmistress of the High School section. Mr. Maruthi K P, a Kannada teacher, presented a poem dedicated to Bhakta Kanaka Dasa.

In summary, the memorial lecture proved to be a meaningful and enjoyable event, leaving a lasting impact on both teachers and students present.

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