Celebrating Glorious Years: BES Founders Day Extravaganza

-News : P. Archibald Furtado, Pics : Vishwas Studio, Barkur

Barkur Educational Society (BES) marked a momentous occasion on Sunday, January 7, 2023, as it celebrated its Founders Day at the iconic National Campus. The Auditorium, witness to sacrifices, success stories, triumphs, and gratitudes over the last 77 years, hosted an emotionally charged evening.

At 3.30 pm second and third generations of proud and visionary founders assembled as the positive vibes were at its peak, Ms Aishawarya Shetty, Lecturer in Physics led all with prayerful hymn. 

It was the wonderful opening address by the Ashok Kumar Shetty, the Secretary of The Barkuriaan Educational Society, ‘by honouring the past we build the future, as on this special day we are remembering our humble beginning and roots, way back in 1945…’ He extended a warm and homely welcome to all gathered.  

Especially the Chief Guest, Mr Shivarama S Hegde and Mrs Jayanthi Hegde were introduced to the audience as Mr Rajaram Shetty; President of Platinum Jubilee Celebrations Committee had all praise for their philanthropic and social involvement to many organisations. The family’s generous financial contributions helped the National PU College in a big way for its renovation mission, he recalled. The couple was deservedly honoured with traditional shawl, bouquet, fresh fruit baskets and memento while the audience gave a standing ovation to appreciate yeomen service to this temple of learning.

Mr SS Hegde, in his reply, thanked everyone for these unparallel respects bestowed upon them on this day and declared his special donation to the institution and assured whatever he can, in future too.

Legacy must be continued and education is not preparation for life education is life itself – Retired Principal B. Seetarama Shetty, at his best to pay rich tributes to five great men – His Holiness the Sri Sri Vidyamanya Swamiji of Bhandarakeri Mutt, the first President of the BES,  H T Ramanna Shetty,  First Vice President, John P. Sequeira, the visionary who conceived the plan and spent his life for the furtherance of this High School,  Ignatius and his proud son  a illustrious Contractor VL Roche, who was instrumental to start NITI Heradi, BL Adiga, the first Hindi Pundit of the High School who was a great source of financial help through his friends like BV Pai for Science Laboratory in 50’s… The narrative of Principal BS Shetty was a rich tribute these legends.

Vice President of BES Shedikodlu Vittal Shetty, gave a brief of Dr A Sreenivas Hebbar, the Founder Treasurer of BES, Altar Ramanna Shetty, the Secretary, Kolkebail Shivarama Shetty and K Yajna Narayana Rao who was President of Barkur town Panchayat led the BES as well as Correspondent of National High School for a record number of years.

Krishna Hebbar the incumbent Treasurer of BES fondly remembered the legacy of four veterans – Dr Krishna Bairy, the first Manager and Correspondent, Janardhan Kamath, Manjunath Pai and Moodalagiri Venkatesh Kamath. 

It’s a touching moment to garland fresh jasmine flowers to the portraits of these legends. Mr B Shantarama Shetty the President of BES, Principal B Seetarama Shetty was seen offering their respects and gratitudes by joining their hands bowing their heads to these ‘Makers of modern Barkur’.

All the members of the First ever BES Governing body members, the founder Head master PN Bhoja Rao and others were remembered by Mr Ramachandra Kamath and their sons / daughters / grand children too were invited to the dais to receive recognition and honours from the Chief Guest and others on the dais.

Mr B Shantarama Shetty, chairman of BES,  in his presidential address profusely remembered and thanked  the veterans who started BES and all who continued in later years, the heads of all educational institutions and teaching and non teaching staff, all donors and well wishers on this unique and special occasion.

The emotionally packed event was meticulously handled and presented by Mr Maruti Teacher in the High School Section. To conclude the programme, Mr Gopala Naik, the correspondent of NPUC proposed vote of thanks

The gathering, a witness to eight decades of vision, saw six vibrant educational institutions under BES management. The profound impact on the Barkurian community and society was acknowledged, with a commitment to broadening the vision for the years to come, reaching out to those in need.

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