Cricket Tournament at National PU Grounds Unites Teams for a Worthy Cause

In a heartwarming display of camaraderie and sportsmanship, the National PU Grounds played host to a two-day cricket tournament where ten teams fervently competed not only for the coveted trophy and cash prizes but, more importantly, to rally support for their dear friend in need.

The tournament, inaugurated today with a simple yet spirited ceremony, saw a vibrant participation of youngsters responding to the invitation extended by Sri Max Bandimata and organized by Sreenivasa S Poojary and friends.

Abhishek Marakala, unfortunately, became a victim of a tragic accident and underwent treatment at KMC Manipal for an extensive six-month period, during which he remained in a coma. Currently on the path to recovery, Abhishek's compassionate friends, who had previously aided in his medical treatment, are now undertaking an initiative to establish a small shop in Vaddarse, ensuring a permanent source of livelihood for him. The local panchayat has pledged its support to this noble cause.

Team barkuronline.com extends heartfelt wishes for Abhishek Marakala's speedy recovery and return to normalcy. The initiative spearheaded by Sri Max Bandimata and his team is lauded for its commendable service to the community.

In a positive turn of events, the generated funds from sponsorships will not only contribute to the cause but also be directed towards charitable purposes. Individuals willing to extend financial aid are encouraged to contact Mr. Srinivasa S Poojary at 99003 340160.

The cricket tournament not only showcased the spirit of competition but also served as a medium to unite people for a greater cause, embodying the true essence of sportsmanship and community support.

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