Deepavali celebration at Shri Brahma Baidarkala Garadi Hosala Barkur

News n Visuals : Anand Kumar Barkur 

Today, in the sacred precincts, the second-year celebration of the Festival of Lights, Deepavali, was observed with great enthusiasm under the leadership of  Veda Moorti Shri Ganapathi Udupi Kudli. Organized by the administrative committee, Shri Brahma Baidarkala Garadi, along with the support of Brahma Baidarkala Youth Group (Garadi Friends) and Brahma Baidarkala Women's Association, the event was a vibrant display of diverse religious rituals.

On this occasion, Mr. Gautam Hegde, the administrator of the Garadi, provided efficient governance, with valuable guidance from Mr. Srinivas Shetty from Ranganakere, Mr. Raghu Poojari (Pathri), Mr. Krishna Poojari Choundi Mane), Mr. Suresh Poojari (Contractor), Mr. Ganesh Poojari Moodu Hitlu, Mr. Jayanand Poojari, and Mr. Manjunath Poojari, members of the administrative committee.

The members of the administrative committee, the youth group (Garadi Friends), and the members of the Brahma Baidarkala Women's Association, along with the entire village, were present to witness and participate in the event with great enthusiasm.

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