Developmental Works in Progress at Barkur

As barkuronline.com been reporting from past few days, Barkur is undergoing the much needed infrastructural improvement. Few projects relating repair work and concreting of the roads and others are on the move, under the leadership of B. Shantharam Shetty. Here is a brief report on those projects undertaken by the local authorities.

The major work that is underway is the repair work and construction of roads in Barkur. The total budget estimated for this project is around Rs 1 crore. This includes the following

  • Broadening and repair work of the road starting from Heradi bus stand till Hosala cross.
  • Repair work of the road starting from Kalchapra and moving through Moodukere Nageshwara Temple route.
  • Concreting of the car street and repair work of the road moving through Sathegudde route.


Heradi Bus Stand Road



Heradi 5 Cents Region



Concreting of the road at Nagarmutt


Apart from the construction of roads, there are few other works that are on track. The authorities have taken up some new works which include,

  • Construction of Open Well near Banada Kere, to provide water facility to the people.
  • One more Open Well getting constructed near Belthikere.
  • Providing water facilities to Nagarmata Anganvadi.


Apart from these we all know about the Bennekudru bridge which is about to change landscape of the region, once it is completely open for public use. Currently it is only open for the two wheelers to move. Yet it is highly satisfying to see the people of Kudru, Pandeshwar and even Sasthan using their cycles, bikes to come to Barkur using the bridge for doing their purchasing and other works. One can find many new faces in Barkur market nowadays. Even the people of Barkur move to Sasthan, probably to the famous Sasthan fish market. All things considered, this bridge is going to benefit the people to a large extent.

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