Eric Soans Barkur Named Editor of Diocesan Souvenir

-Joseph Fernandes 

Udupi, October 24, 2023— A momentous announcement resounded through the hallowed halls of Angugraha, the Diocesan Pastoral Center, as the Pastoral Committee gathered to celebrate the near-completion of a grand project - the establishment of a Diocesan Health Fund. The occasion coincided with the Decennial Celebration of the Udupi Diocese, an event that has been marked by exceptional progress and achievement.

In a move that adds a significant chapter to this celebratory journey, the committee revealed plans for the publication of a commemorative Souvenir. And to lead this noteworthy endeavor, none other than Eric Soans Barkur has been appointed as the Editor.

The establishment of a Diocesan Health Fund has been a vision of unwavering commitment and compassion. With the targeted financial goal nearly met, the Udupi Diocese is well on its way to realizing a dream that promises accessible healthcare for all in need. This extraordinary success serves as a testament to the unity and dedication of the community.

On this historic day, which not only marks the almost-fulfilled aspiration of the Diocesan Health Fund but also the celebration of Eric Soans Barkur's birthday, the community seizes the opportunity to extend its heartfelt birthday wishes. It is a day that recognizes not only the Editor's personal milestone but also his esteemed appointment to lead the Souvenir project.

Eric Soans Barkur has long been a beacon of dedication and commitment to the well-being of the community. His appointment as Editor of the Diocesan Souvenir stands as a symbol of his enduring service to the Udupi Diocese. On this day, the community celebrates not only his birthday but also the promise of more accolades in his future.

This momentous step toward the establishment of the Diocesan Health Fund, coupled with Eric Soans Barkur's appointment as Editor, underscores the resilience of the Udupi Diocese, their collective faith, and their unwavering pursuit of noble causes. As the journey continues, the community looks forward to continued support and achievements under his esteemed guidance.

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