Felicitations to Morvine Quadrus in Muscat

 In the Singers world, Morvine may be one person, but for us Barkurian’s in Oman, he is the world of singing sensation.

Yes, all of them wished for the best, of course prepared for any outcome, at GVM Part 3 Finals that held at Doha Qatar on 19th  October, 2012. Very qualification demands lots of talent, to rank as ‘Second Runner up’ also not a less achievement.

Barkurians residing in this part  of beautiful world, Oman gathered together, to share their happiness with Morvine Quadrus on Wednesday, 24th October, on the eve of week ling, Eid Holidays, with the initiative of  Simon Lobo, a great fan of Konkani songs & music as well as of Morvine, at the compound of Archibald Furtado, at 8.30 p.m.
On behalf of all gathered John F. Gonsalves, Mangalorean Community representative and the Treasurer of the Ghala Church Parish Council, spoke about the achievement and the path of success, which was marked by hard work and practice. He congratulated Morvine for making all of us, especially Barkurian’s proud to own him.
The gathering was marked by lot of fun, barbeque delicacies like, Chicken, sausages, fish item Shari etc, followed by chicken green masala, appam, mandi rice and variety of salads….etc.
Morvine was felicitated with a traditional  shawl by Severine Fernandes, followed by a bouquet of flowers by Simon & Ophelia Lobo, basket full fruits by Ivan & Nancy Gonsalves and a beautiful memento too were presented, lead by Stanly & Monica Pereira.
Veteran singer and musician Robert, Morvine, Nancy, Veena, James and others entertained the participants with some great numbers.
Arrangements were marked by the food prepared by many hands, like Joanna & Darryl, Nirmala & Richie, Sunita & Sunil, Steevan & Priya, John & Joyce, Veena & Mervin etc. etc. which was full of taste, variety and the proof is that the function was wounded up at 3.30 in the next morning, recalling the contributions and efforts of one and all, for one such memorable event, by Archibald Furtado.
Good number of Morvine’s well wishers, friends and colleagues also attended the get-together, cherished the happy moments with Barkurians and appreciated the unity of Barkurian’s in Oman.

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