Finally, much needed concreting of the Car Street

Finally the much needed concreting of the main road in Barkur, Car Street as its known, is underway.



Staring from the Kalchapra, this concreting is extended till the Telephone Exchange where the part of concreting is already done. This strectch of the  was getting badly damaged every year in spite of being repaied regularly. Past few months, commuting on this road was very difficult bacause of its condition.  The tippers carrying soil for Bennekudru bridge work also  added to the woes of this already depleted road.  So on this context, constructing concrete road is a wise step taken by the authorities.



But the owing to the space constraint, this repair work has temporarily stooped the movement of vehicles over the car street. Civilians are asked to use the recently constructed road of Kachchur to move in and out of Barkur. But because of unexpected  rains from past few days the Kachchur  Road badly damaged as its a mud road. Left-Hand side of the concrete is already being completed but it will be open for public  use only after a week. So the commuters are expected to face these difficulties atleast for next 7 days.  Nevertheless,  it is worth for the developmental work that is in progress.



This  project is being taken up at the cost of  20 Lakhs rupees, which includes repairing the road  till  Halekody, as this stretch is also in  very bad condition. That work is expected to be started once the present contsruction is completed.

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