Fire Incident in Coconut Coir Factory Bennekudru

An unfortunate fire incident took place in Bennekudru on Tuesday i.e. 29th March 2016. A coconut choir factory near Kulamahasthri Amma Temple Bennekudru caught fire at around 3 pm, causing huge losses to the owners.

Electricity short circuit is said to be the reason behind the incident. About 50 tons of coir was stored for Cushion Material and Rope got burnt in this unfortunate incident. The factory premises, television in the shed also got burnt. Machinery also got damaged. Coir stored for cushion materials was supposed to be exported to China in next two to three days.


The unit had some 30 workers, fortunately no casualties reported except from property loss. Fire brigades from Udupi, Malpe and Kundapur were successful in putting off the fire and preventing it from spreading to the houses in the surroundings. Villagers gathered in large number and tried to control the fire from spreading while fire brigade were on their way. Public representatives and Panchayath officials visited the spot.







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