Global Barkurians Charitable Trust (GBCT) Unites Communities in a Joyous Housewarming Celebration

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In a touching display of communal harmony, the Global Barkurians Charitable Trust (GBCT) recently marked a significant milestone with the housewarming ceremony of a new residence in Pandeshwar village, Moodahadu. The event was a testament to the Trust's commitment to philanthropy and community welfare.

The story unfolded with Lalita Markalathi and her family, residents of Moodahadu in Pandeshwar, who embarked on the construction journey of their dream home five years ago. However, the unforeseen challenges triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench into their plans, affecting Lalita's financial situation and delaying the completion of their house. The family, facing economic hardships, found themselves in a temporary shelter, part of which was a cattle shed, amplifying their struggle.

Recognizing the dire circumstances faced by Lalita's family, the GBCT, a collective of like-minded individuals from Barkur settled globally, extended a helping hand. The Trust members, known for their social initiatives, not only offered assurances but also provided substantial financial support to facilitate the completion of the construction. This intervention instilled hope and confidence in the family, ensuring that all pending tasks, valued at approximately 5 lakhs, were addressed.

The GBCT's assistance resulted in the realization of a brand-new, well-furnished home for Lalita Markalathi and her family. Overflowing with gratitude, the family extended a warm invitation to the Trust members to join the housewarming celebration, turning the event into a symbol of unity and collaboration.

The housewarming ceremony drew the attention of various dignitaries, including journalists Rajesh Gani, Ravindra Barekere, and Sushil Pujari, the President of the Pandeshwar Panchayat. Vice President Raghavendra YB, along with ward members Chandra Mohan Pujari and Ravi Shreyas, graced the occasion. The presence of notable figures such as Dolfi D'Souza, Sylvan, Herbert Menezes, and Cynthia Rodrigues added a touch of prestige to the event.

In addition to expressing gratitude to the Trust, Lalita Markalathi's family honored Archibald Furtado, who served as a trustee representing the GBCT. The ceremony recognized the contributions of Divyanand Gonsalves, a trustee who supervised the project and ensured the welfare of the family.

The program was eloquently concluded by Alwyn Andrade, who extended thanks to everyone involved in making this philanthropic endeavor a success. This housewarming ceremony not only symbolizes the spirit of community but also exemplifies the GBCT's mission to bring positive change to individuals and communities in need.

Global Barkurians Charitable Trust (GBCT), a registered trust formed by like-minded Barkurians worldwide in 2020, is celebrating three years of dedicated service. On this auspicious occasion, GBCT expresses heartfelt gratitude to friends, donors, and well-wishers who have supported and contributed in various ways, making it possible to bring smiles to the faces of brethren in need.

The following individuals and families have been benefited in GBCT's mission so far ;

1. Mrs. Dorothy D'Almeida, Halekody, Barkur

2. Mrs. Helen Lobo, Uddalgudde, Barkur

3. Prathul, son of Pallavi & Raja Kharvi, Kodi

4. Three families in distant Salethur parish, near Bantwal

5. Mr. Sylvan D'Almeida, Nagermutt, Barkur

6. Malcolm M. Menezes, Nitte

7. Richard Monterio, Bennekudru, Barkur

8. Sharmila Pinto and her family in Moodahadu Kudru

9. Jessica, daughter of Joy and Monica Sequeira, Suratkal

10. Family of late Rocky D'Souza, Vasai Road, Mumbai

11. Adrian Augustine D'Souza, Naigaum Mumbai

12. Lalitha Markalthi, Moodahadu – Pandeshwar

Their unwavering support has made a significant impact on the lives of those in need, showcasing the spirit of community and compassion. GBCT extends its sincere appreciation to each contributor for their generosity and commitment to making a positive difference. The trust looks forward to continued collaboration and service to the community in the years ahead.

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