Govt Composite PU College, Brahmmavar, Students Embark on Insightful Industrial Visit to National ITI Barkur

News Prof.P.Archibald Furtado, Pics NITI Office

In a bid to broaden horizons and foster a deeper understanding of technical education, the students of Class IX, X, and PU from Govt Composite PU College, Brahmmavar, undertook an enriching industrial visit to the National Industrial Technical Institute (NITI) in Barkur on January 5th, 2024.

Situated in Heradi, NITI stands as a beacon of technical education, recognized for its exceptional infrastructure, esteemed teaching faculty, and remarkable placement records for its diploma holders. As the institute approaches its Ruby Jubilee in 2024, having been established on August 1st, 1984, it proudly holds the distinction of being the first ITI in the Udupi District.

Welcomed warmly by Principal Prof Venkatesh Kramadhari and the dedicated staff, the 82 students, accompanied by their teachers and faculty members, embarked on a journey to explore the diverse industrial training laboratories. The visit encompassed immersive experiences in welding fabrication (TIG and MIG), electrical systems, general mechanical practices in fitter training, motor mechanics specializing in automobiles, and electronic mechanical disciplines.

The students were captivated by the intricate workings of engines, gearboxes, and brake systems in motor vehicles. They marveled at various models and prototypes crafted by senior students, showcasing the practical applications of their learning. The well-equipped computer labs and the serene, spacious learning atmosphere added to the overall enriching experience.

Despite the passing hours, the students, brimming with curiosity, showed no signs of leaving the campus around 2:00 pm. In response, Principal Prof Venkatesh Kramadhari extended his assurance of more industrial visits in the future, recognizing the thirst for knowledge and innovation among the young minds.

The visit provided a unique opportunity for direct interaction with technical experts, offering insights into basic industrial procedures. It aimed to inspire and guide students towards unconventional career paths, distinct from traditional learning courses. NITI's commitment to innovative learning and its role in shaping the future of technical education resonated deeply with the visiting students, leaving a lasting impact on their perceptions of potential career options.

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