Grand Teachers Day planned at NJC, Barkur on 17th September, 2022.

-P. Archibald Furtado

This year National Junior College, Barkur celebrating its Platinum Jubilee. Throughout the year lot many activities are organised both in the College Campus and outside. The grand finale is likely to be held in Barkur by the end of the year December, 2022. The Platinum Jubilee Celebration Committee under the dynamic Chairman Mr Rajaram Shetty, left no stone unturned to give the much needed facelift to the artistic College edifice, its play ground, Auditorium, Laboratories, Computer training section, gardens etc. with the cohesive partnership and collaboration of Barkur Educational Society and NHSS Alumnae Association. The repair and  refurbishments, renovation, painting, providing additional amenities to students and teachers are on, as the 75 year Temple of Learning is gearing up for historical landmark in Barkur, with the active participation of past and present students….

On Saturday, 17th September, 2022 the members of formidable trios planned to celebrate the Teachers Day by inviting all past and present teachers served and serving in all Five Institutions under its Management. (viz, National Junior College, Vidyesha English Medium High School, Heradi Primary School, National ITI, National H.P School, Uddalgudde and the National RSM Govt First Grade College).

It may be appropriate to remember over here that, under the initiative and generous contributions by BES Vice President, S Vittal Shetty every year, in September, and Teachers Day used to be held with due respects and honour to all teachers with mementos, appreciation with sumptuous lunch. This year yet again he is there to make it very special by inviting all who served in these institutions in the past and it’s his dream to involve those serving as teachers elsewhere, once studied in National Educational Institutions….

While thanking Mr S. Vittal Shetty, for his passionate concern and goodwill, the Team barkuronline.com , take this occasion to wish all our Teachers a Happy Teachers Day.

P. Archibald Furtado.

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