Hanehalli Village Seeks Collective Effort for Weekly Street Market, Santhe

-Anand Kumar Barkur 

In a unique and heartwarming initiative, the Hanehalli Gram Panchayat, in collaboration with the Sri Batte Vinayaka Sanjeevini Okkuta, has established a weekly street market in Mastinagar. This market, which takes place every Friday, has garnered immense support from both local residents and the Women's Self-Help Group.

The Santhe has become a platform for the villagers to come together, showcasing and selling a variety of homegrown produce, including vegetables, fruits, spices, coconuts, and homemade snacks. It's a thriving display of the community's agricultural and culinary talents, reviving the glorious days of Barkur Santhe every Friday which was happening every week few years ago at Santhegudde, Barkur.

What makes this initiative even more special is the spirit of cooperation and shared responsibility. Both the villagers and the members of the Women's Self-Help Group actively participate in this endeavor. They prepare and bring their locally grown and homemade products to the market for sale, creating a vibrant and diverse marketplace for the residents of Hanehalli.

The impact of this street market goes beyond mere commerce. It serves as an example of unity and community strength, with everyone contributing to its success. The revenue generated from the market benefits the village and is reinvested to ensure its growth and sustainability.

As they move forward, the residents of Hanehalli hope to not only maintain but also expand this street market, enriching their local economy and celebrating the talent and potential that their community possesses. This heartwarming collaboration between the Gram Panchayat and the Women's Self-Help Group showcases the power of collective effort and the positive change it can bring to a community.

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