Members of Kudru, celebrate Ward Fest in grandeur

News Renisha Barnes Pics Eric Soans, Barkur

On December 3, the vibrant celebration of the Feast of St. Francis Xavier unfolded in grandeur, particularly within the Kudru Ward, where residents embraced him as their patron saint. The festivities commenced with a solemn liturgy performed by the ward's residents during the first mass of the day.

As the evening descended, members of the Kudru Ward, along with invited guests, congregated at the residence of Mr. Richard Margaret D'Souza to revel in the joyous occasion. The festive spirit was amplified through a small stage function, graced by the presence of the parish priest, Fr. Ronald Miranda, the parish council vice president, Mr. Jossie Fernandez, and the head of the convent, Sr. Jasmitha Crasta. Notably, all members of the parish council were in attendance.

Ward Gurkarn, Mrs. Margaret D'Souza warmly welcomed the assembled guests, setting the tone for an evening of camaraderie and celebration. The ward report, presented by Mrs. Jenifer Martis, provided insights into the community's activities. Mr. Jossie Fernandez and Sr. Jasmitha extended their congratulations and best wishes to the residents during their addresses.

Highlighting the achievements of the day, residents who excelled in various games organized for the ward day were honored. Additionally, special recognition was bestowed upon individuals aged above 75, emphasizing the inclusive nature of the celebration.

The gathering was treated to a delightful array of performances, including singing, dance, and a skit, showcasing the diverse talents within the Kudru Ward. In his precedent-setting speech, Fr. Ronald Miranda commended the unity of the ward members and conveyed his heartfelt congratulations.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of the community, Mrs. Leera Furtado extended thanks to all attendees for making the celebration memorable. The master of ceremony, Mr. Joseph Fernandes, skillfully guided the proceedings.

The culmination of the evening saw everyone partaking in a sumptuous dinner, lovingly prepared by the ward residents. The festivities reached a crescendo with the lively rhythms of the Baila dance, bringing the celebratory program to a joyous close. The Feast of St. Francis Xavier was not merely an event; it was a testament to the unity, camaraderie, and vibrant spirit that defines the Kudru Ward community.

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