National High School, Barkur Shines at Udupi District Level Art & Crafts Exhibition

-News P. Archibald Furtado, Pics Vishwas Studio

Barkur, Dec 9, 2023— National High School in Barkur achieved notable success at the Udupi District Level Art & Crafts Exhibition, securing the first place in Tailoring and the third place in SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work). The event, hosted on December 9, 2023, saw enthusiastic participation from students of various high schools, showcasing their artistic talents through vibrant wall hangings, mural paintings, and other creative endeavors.

The NJC Campus, serving as the exhibition venue, buzzed with activity, providing a colorful backdrop to the impressive display of talents. The inauguration, held in the NJC Auditorium at 11:00 am, featured Mr. B Sudhakar Shetty, former GM of Can Fins Homes, who commended the rich talent, creativity, and dedication exhibited by high school students. The students, described as budding artists, presented a myriad of creative ideas that captivated viewers and earned widespread praise.

Mrs. Mallika Poojary, the President of the Hanehalli Panchayat, presided over the inaugural program, attended by dignitaries, office bearers of Barkur Educational Society, representatives from the District Education department, parents, and teachers. The electrifying atmosphere continued as the exhibition showcased a diverse range of artistic expressions, including pencil shading, glass paintings, stitching, origami, embroidery, portraits, paper flowers, and baskets. Notably, many of these creations were crafted using eco-friendly waste items, emphasizing the students' commitment to sustainable practices.

During his address to the students and craft teachers, Mr. Ganapathi K., the District Deputy Director of Public Instruction (DDPI), expressed admiration for the exhibition, noting, "This exhibition stunningly brought out the best creativity of our students." The High School students were treated to a feast for their eyes as they explored each gallery, each offering something wonderful, colorful, and amazing.

The organizers received well-deserved appreciation for their passionate efforts, patience, and time in extracting exemplary contributions from students ranging from Class VIII to X. The Udupi District Level Art & Crafts Exhibition not only celebrated artistic achievements but also highlighted the dedication and creativity embedded in the hearts and hands of the young participants.

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