National Junior College, Barkur Shines Spotlight on Women Empowerment

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National PU College, Barkur - In a remarkable event held on Friday, November 24, 2023, at 3:00 pm, National Junior College, Barkur, took a significant step towards fostering 'Women Empowerment.' The college hosted a compelling program that featured a thought-provoking lecture by the renowned thinker and orator, Prof Shailaja, Associate Professor in the Department of Kannada at the National First Grade College.

Prof Shailaja, in her insightful discourse, emphasized the intrinsic equality between men and women, highlighting that both are creations of God endowed with unique characteristics. She stressed the importance of fostering a complementary relationship rather than one of competition, drawing on her own life experiences to inspire students and teachers. The need for seizing opportunities and embracing entrepreneurship without hesitation formed a central theme of her address.

The program was presided over by Principal Prof U Kottraswamy, who, in his address, expressed regret over the continued exploitation of women in various spheres, including the workplace, families, and society. He underscored the importance of government welfare schemes reaching their intended beneficiaries and emphasized that education plays a pivotal role in empowering girls to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with boys, eradicating discrimination in the process.

Among the distinguished guests was Mrs. Hemavathy PS, Head Mistress of the High School section, who shared the dais. The meticulous compering of the event was handled by Mrs. Jyothy, a senior teacher, while the vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Sandhya.

The event,  reflected the college's commitment to addressing and rectifying gender disparities in society, leaving an indelible mark on the pursuit of women's empowerment.

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