New Office Bearers Take Charge at ICYM Barkur for 2024

-News n Pics : Rishon Barnes

Barkur, January 14, 2024: In a momentous occasion marked by fervor and commitment, the Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM) Barkur witnessed the official swearing-in ceremony of its new office bearers for the year 2024. Under the auspices of the esteemed Parish Priest, Rev Fr Ronald Miranda, the mantle of responsibility was passed on to the dynamic team poised to lead the organization to greater heights.

Leading the charge as the President for the year is none other than Ceolla Pinto, a dedicated individual known for her unwavering passion for community service and youth empowerment. Assisting her in steering the organization towards its goals is Rishon Barnes, who assumes the role of Secretary, bringing with him a wealth of organizational skills and a vision for effective communication.

Abidial Sequeira, elected as the Vice President, embodies the spirit of leadership and collaboration, promising to work hand in hand with the President to realize the aspirations of ICYM Barkur. Joining the ranks is Clarissa Fernandes, entrusted with the crucial role of Joint Secretary and YOUCAT incharge, ensuring the spiritual growth and education of the youth within the parish.

In matters of finance and fiscal responsibility, Darrel Dias steps into the role of Treasurer, bringing with him a keen eye for detail and a commitment to transparent financial management. Meanwhile, the realm of sports, culture, and liturgy finds a capable steward in Keith Menezes, whose enthusiasm for diverse activities promises to enrich the cultural fabric of ICYM Barkur.

No organization is complete without a proficient Public Relations Officer, and in Reiona Mascarenhas, ICYM Barkur has found just that. With her flair for communication and a knack for building bridges, she is poised to amplify the voice of ICYM Barkur within the community and beyond.

The oath-taking ceremony, held on January 14th, 2024, served as a solemn pledge of allegiance and dedication to the values and mission of ICYM Barkur. Rev Fr Ronald Miranda, in his capacity as Parish Priest, bestowed his blessings upon the newly appointed office bearers, urging them to lead with integrity, compassion, and a steadfast commitment to service.

As the baton passes to the capable hands of the new leadership team, the members of ICYM Barkur eagerly anticipate a year filled with transformative initiatives, meaningful engagements, and a renewed sense of purpose. With unity, determination, and the unwavering support of the community, the future of ICYM Barkur shines bright, guided by the vision and leadership of its dedicated office bearers.

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