Shathachandika Yaga and Maha Anna Santharpane at Bennekudru, You are invited!

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Bennekudru, Karnataka - Commencing from Wednesday, 14th February 2024 to Sunday, 18th February 2024, a historic event is set to unfold at the renowned Sri Kulamahastree Amma Temple in Bennekudru, Barkur. The occasion aims to invoke divine blessings for the welfare of people through a grand Shatachandika Yagna and a generous offering of Maha Anna Santharpane.

Under the guidance of eminent temple priests, led by the revered Pandit Kutyaru Kenja Shreedhar Tantri of Elluru Seema Agama Pandita Kuteera, along with the cooperation of Veda Moorthi Handadi Bhaskar Udupa, the rituals are meticulously planned to adhere to traditional practices.

The schedule for the event is as follows:

Morning Rituals:The day starts with Punyaha, followed by the consecration of Bal Ganapathi at 6:30 AM.

Shatachandika Yaga: Commencing at 7:30 AM, the main ritual begins with the chanting of sacred hymns and offerings.

Afternoon Pujas: The Yagna culminates with the grand Puja and Purnahuti at 11:30 AM, followed by special prayers for Sri Kulamahastree Amman at 11:45 AM.

Midday Rituals: Palli Puja is scheduled for 12:00 PM, followed by Maha Annasantharpane at 12:30 PM.

-Evening Prayers:  Evening prayers commence at 7:00 PM, followed by nocturnal rituals, leading to the concluding ceremonies the next day.

Devotees are cordially invited to participate in the Maha Annasantharpane and are requested to contribute rice, pulses, ghee, and other essential items with utmost reverence.

For further details and contributions, please visit the temple's official website at [bennekudru.com](http://bennekudru.com).

The temple's bank account details for donations are as follows:

Bank: Canara Bank, Barkur Branch

A/C No: 01182200033166

IFSC: CNRB0010118

Devotees are urged to partake in the sacred offerings and seek the benevolence of Sri Kulamahastree Amma for their well-being.

The organizing committee includes dignitaries from the Barkur Mogaveera Mahajana Sangha, Udupi District, and members from various communities, ensuring the smooth conduct of the event.

It is a momentous occasion for spiritual seekers, and all are encouraged to be a part of this divine endeavor to receive the blessings of the almighty.

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