Two from Barkur selected for Kannada Rajyothsava Award

-Anand Kumar Barkur

Hoskere Koosa L. Kunder and Shripathi Acharya, Heradi, selected for Udupi District Kannada Rajyothsava Award. 

Barkur Hoskere Koosa L. Kunder has been engaged in performing the funeral rites without any discrimination of caste and creed, from the last 30 years, Recognizing these selfless deeds , Udupi District administartion has selected for the Udupi District Kannada Rajyothsava Award this year. 

Koosa L. Kunder is the active member of Administration Committee of Kotekere Shri Panchalingeshwara Temple and served as the member of Barkur Grama Panchayath in the past.  


Heradi Shripathi Acharya, a young Wood Carving Artist from Barkur also selected for this prestigious Udupi District Kannada Rajyothsava Award by the Udupi District Administration. Shripathi Acharya is well known for his works in many famous temples  in  twin  districts of Daksihina Kannada and Udupi. He is in much demand for his skills in other states too.  

Kumbhashi Shri Chandika Durga Parameshwari Temple, Polali Shri Raja Rajeshwari Temple, Karkala Shri Venkataraman Temple and Neelavara Shri Mahisha Mardini Temple which is going under complete restoration are some places where one can witness the skillful works of this young artist. 

Both of these proud recipients  will be conferred this  Kannada Rajyothsava Award on 01.11.2020 at the Rajyothsava Award function to be held at Ajjarkad Sports Ground in Udupi.

Team barkuronline.com proudly join hands with all Barkurians to congratulate these two achievers and wish them all the best for their future assignments. 

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