Work In Progress at Bennekudru

The most awaited project of Bennekudru bridge connecting the kudru, along with Pandeshwar and Sathan to Barkur, is in  the finishing stage.


Work on the warfooting  is in progress to release the bridge for public use as soon as possible. Right now the bridge available  for the civilians to walk and drive  two wheelers. It is said that in near future two passenger buses are likely to travel in this route,  once the roads in Barkur are broadened.



A large portion of the river is being reclaimed to develop as the parking area.




Due to the increase in the pace of the work, quie a few number of Tippers are plying across  Barkur  the whole day. As the roads in are not broad enough, this is  causing problems to the civillians, specially endangering   the kids who roam around Barkur in their cycles. These tippers are even causing lot of dust, creating problems to the shop keepers beside the street.


It is expected that the bridge will be available for the public use during the month of December right in time for Bennekudru Habba and Vhodlem Festh of the church of St.Peter 


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