Baaro Baaro Maleraaya... Longing for rains at Barkur

 Rains are playing hide and seek this year at Barkur and surroundings. Agriculturists for Paddy cultivation heavily dependent on rains are in dilemma. Year ago by this time Barkur had witnessed three floods, but this year so far there is no flood, jus once last week the river had slightly over flown. The patron’s feast or the feast of St.Peter, notoriously known as Neer habba, due to guaranteed floods on the day went with a dry spell this year on June 29th.


Last year exactly this time from 17th to 20th of July, Barkur was witnessing biggest flood in previous 15 years, which lasted for four long days, trapping the people of Kudrus to the confines of their home, without power supply, spinning the local Village Panchayath into action, sending rescue boats to check on the civilians living in islands.



But this year the situation is just the opposite with enough rainfall to start the proper agricultural activities. And if this situation continues the same way then Barkur may plunge into a situation close to draught, which was never heard before.  Despite the abundant rains last year Barkur faced a severe shortage of drinking water from the beginning of summer itself, forcing the Village Panchayath to supply water through Water Tankers.



With the shortfall of rain this year ground water levels are likely to drop lower than before, and with water shortage going to worsen,  one  can only hope and pray that the local authorities are better prepared for the worst.


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