Cancer Awareness Camp - about the dreadful disease Cancer held at Sauharda Barkur.

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Cancer Awareness Camp - about the dreadful disease of Cancer held at Sauharda Barkur.

Health is wealth and no human possession can be compared with it. It is also said precaution is better than cure and stitch in time saves nine, as the Indian Cancer Society, Community Health Dept, KMC Manipal, Sampada Diocese of Udupi joined their hands with pious organizations of St Peters Church Barkur led by Catholic Sabah, Barkur, Stree Sanghatan and the Health Commission of the parish to conduct a seminar, to educate, spread the awareness about the most dreaded Cancer disease killing the thousands every year and to offer free medical test and treatment for suspects and those who wanted to have a routine check, in Barkur St Peters Church. Around 100 plus made use of this opportunity at their doorsteps at the Sauharda Community Hall. 

The most lauded program held on 28th April 2022, at 9.30 am, was set on a roll by lighting the lamp by the Vicar of Barkur Church Rev Fr Philip N. Aranha, which was witnessed by Fr Reginald Pinto, Sampada, Dr. Gahan, Dr. Rathna, Dr. Ashish, duly supported by Judith Shaila Lobo and team from ICS and accompanied by the office bearers of the Church Pastoral Council.

Dr. Gahan explained the need for regular check-ups and ‘today the diseases like Cancer are curable if detected at an early stage and there is nothing to panic and not to lose hopes rather be optimistic….’ he stressed.

Rev Fr Reginald Pinto too spoke on this occasion, to give valuable advice to people present, ‘to be more cautious and careful about the food habits and stay away from junk food though made tastier to tongues but most of the time not good to the whole body…..’

It was a praiseworthy Health Check-up program and all who worked on the frontline and behind the screen deserve appreciation the people who benefitted immensely will always remain indebted.

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