"Emirates Barkurians" formed in Dubai

It was long cherished dream for Barkurians residing at United Arab Emirates to gather and come under one umbrella. Though Barkurians have resided and thrived in the Emirates for more than half a century, it is the first time they came together in the name of the place and decided to form a formal association, thanks  to  His Excellency Bishop Henry D’ Souza of Bellari, who expressed a wish to meet Barkurians residing at the Emirates on his visit to Dubai. Barkur Parish is close to his heart as it is the only Parish the young Fr.Henry served some 37 years ago as an Assistant Parish Priest soon after his ordination as a priest. He won the hearts of Barkur Parishioners then within a span of two years and etched a permanent place there. The affection is reciprocal, he still remembers those parishioners by name and the Barkurgaars just love Fr.Henry.

It’s him who coaxed the dynamic youngsters of Barkur some 35-36 years ago to form the Catholic Youth Movement which carved a niche for itself in the history of Barkur and churned out the best youth leaders Barkur ever saw and continues to do so till date. Its youngsters trained by him gathered at Mumbai to start St.Peter’s Youth Association Mumbai which later transformed itself into St.Peter’s Association (Barkur) Mumbai which stands tall among all the Manglorean Associations in Mumbai.  

So on 18th May,2012  most of the Barkurians residing at UAE gathered at Winny’s Restaurant,  Karama, Dubai , as Bishop Henry wanted to meet them.  Herbert  Menezes  and Allen Crasta  took the lead to call up people and arranging the meeting and an unexpected crowd of approximately  40 to 45 Barkurians with family and friends made it to the venue, mostly from Dubai, some from  Sharjah and even from Abu Dhabi.


The programme  started with a word of prayer by Bishop Henry D’Souza. Self- introductions were made mostly whom Bishop Henry knew and remembered well. Herbert Menezes who took the responsibility of arranging the entire programme,  welcomed the gathering and thanked  Bishop  Henry and the rest who made it to the venue.

As usual, Bishop Henry humored everyone with his jokes and also shared the word of knowledge and gave guidelines as to how one can make a better life, future and have a balanced family life. Also spoke on many other aspects which were very encouraging to the youth and family. He also shared his experiences which motivated all and he generously blessed every individual in person.


The highlight of this meet and evening was the formation of  Emirates Barkurians , first ever formal association of Barkurians in UAE.  As agreed certain committee members were chosen.

Spiritual Director                H.E. Bishop Henry D'Souza

President                          Herbert Menezes, Dubai

Vice-President                   Vera Monteiro Corneille, Dubai

Secretary                         Robin D Souza, Dubai

Treasurer                         Allen Crasta, Sharjah

Coordinator                      Walter D Almeida, Abu Dhabi

Advisor                           Kishore Gonsalves, Abu Dhabi

Then the issues regarding the formation were discussed and Bishop Henry gave many suggestions which helped the team, members to finalize on the spot.

The team and members decided to meet at least 3 times in a year have 3 functions or celebrations in June, September and January. They also agreed on the suggestions to do works related to charity or educational or other aiding programmes and publishing all the member’s birthdays, anniversaries and other related pictures and other activity details on the website using medias such as www. barkurlonline.com


The time was too short to meet and greet but every moment was very delightful to all present and everyone thought the time spent was worth it. The finale was the sumptuous dinner, which was cooked in typical Manglorean style enjoyed by all. Thelma and Walter Almeida of Halekody residing at Abu Dhabi were the generous sponsors of the day.

The programme ended once again with Bishop Henry’s prayerful blessings to every individual and with his marvelous smile.

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