Emirates Barkurians to celebrate Patron's Feast in Dubai

Emirates Barkurians, the newly found group of Barkurians residing at UAE is proud to invite you to the first ever official get together to celebrate the feast of St.Peter, the patron saint of Barkur on 29th June 2012. President Herbert Joseph Menezes and other office bearers  are cordially invite all Barkurians in UAE to join this celebration at the residence of Mr. Naveen Sequiera on 29th June from 11 am to 3 pm at Al Ghusais 4, (After Grand Hotel 3rd Signal Left Hand Side Twin Blue Building).

Since the group is still in the process of collecting the contact information of as many Barkurians residing at UAE, all are requested to treat this as your personal invitation and kindly extend Emirates Barkurians' warm invite to all other Barkurians in UAE, whom you may know.

Location: Building Name: Bel Rashid, Flat Number: A Block 706, Ground Floor: Nine Ball Restaurant.

For more details please Contact Office Bearers:

Herbert Joseph Menezes,050-5531524.

Walter D Almeida 050-8134161 walts@eim.ae

Veera Monteiro 055-7166777 veracrow@hotmail.com

Robin D Souza 050-8950754 robindsouza@hotmail.com

Herbert Menezes 050-5531524 habbubarkur@gmail.com

Allen Crasta 050-3750189 allen@bpgmaxus.com

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