Hark!The Angels Sing, Online Carols Competition by SPA (Barkur) Mumbai

St. Peter's Association (Barkur) Mumbai


Hark, The Angels Sing 2022

An online Konkani and English Christmas Carols 

Group Singing Competition 

Win cash prizes worth Rs 70000

1st Prize ₹ 15,000/-

2nd prize ₹ 10,000/-

3rd prize ₹ 5,000/-

Consolation Prize ₹ 2,000/-

General Rules

1. Online Christmas Carol Singing competition is open for Indians living within or across the Globe. The  language should be either Konkani Or English. Content must be Christmas Carols only. 

2. Registration is free.

3. Any number of carols can be sung, but the duration of a video strictly should not exceed 3 minutes. 

4. Live or pre-recorded music can be used. There are no restrictions for the number of instruments to be played.

5. Send your best edited videos. Videos lip synched and pre-recorded audio are not allowed.  Both visuals and audios used in the video must be freshly recorded with the same participants in the group.

6. No restriction for indoor or outdoor recording. Min 5 singers in a group, There is no limit for maximum number of singers.

7. Videos to be recorded in Landscape mode only. Portrait mode videos are not considered. Videos submitted to us should not be previously uploaded elsewhere in any social media platforms. If found, such videos will be disqualified.

8. Entries will be accepted from 1st November 2022. The last date for submission is 15th November. Entries beyond this time frame will not be considered. Send your videos to our E-mail ID by mentioning the names of the group and names of all the members.

9. If your videos exceeds 25 MB , then you can share it with us through WeTransfer or Google drive by sending your link to our E-mail ID spaofmumbai@gmail.com mentioning Name of the group and names of all the members.  

10. The contestant’s participation is limited to only one group. If any contestant is found to be taking part in multiple groups, it will lead to forfeiture of all those groups involved. 

11. Judgment will be based on Pitching and Rhythm, Blending of voices/ Harmonization, Clarity of voices, Technical difficulty of the song, Expressions, Costumes, Presentation and quality of the videos.

12. The judge's decision will be  final and binding

13. Cash Prize is awarded for winners of both Konkani & English choir separately. 

For registration contact:

Email: spaofmumbai@gmail.com

Eric Carvalho 

+91 9035957045

Jolvin Furtado

+91 9819601978

Kiran Carvalho

+91 9920235432

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