Kachchur Ward celebrate Ward Day to mark Patron's Feast

News : Eric Soans, Barkur, Pics : Herbert Joseph Menezes

On June 29, 2024, the parishioners of Kachur Ward celebrated their ward day with great enthusiasm on the occasion of the feast of St. Peter, the patron saint of the church. The Kachur Ward members took charge of the liturgy during the feast Mass, conducting it with deep devotion and uniqueness.

In the evening at 6:30 PM, the Kachur Ward members gathered at the residence of Shwetha and Captain Cyprian Pinto to commemorate their ward day under the leadership of ward gurkaar (leader) Mr. Dolphy D'Souza. The event was presided over by parish vicar Fr. Ronald Miranda, and the dais was graced by the presence of assistant parish priest Fr. Rolwin Fernandes, Fr. Alphonse D'Lima, parish pastoral council secretary Mr. Eric Sones, coordinator of committees Mr. Herald D'Souza, and convent superior Sr. Jasmita Crasta.

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Ward gurkaar Mr. Dolphy D'Souza extended a warm welcome to all attendees. Secretary Mrs. Blanchi D'Souza presented a report on the various activities conducted in the ward throughout the year.

During the event, Mr. Patrick D'Souza, a renowned electrician known for his service to the community, was honored by Fr. Alphonse D'Lima. Additionally, Ms. Rania D'Souza, who secured the ninth rank at the state level in the II PUC examination, was felicitated by the parish vicar, who draped her with a shawl as a mark of recognition.

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The dignitaries present on the dais commended the ward members for their service to the parish and the community at large, while also extending their wishes for the ward feast.

To enhance the festive spirit, various entertainment games were organized, and prizes were distributed to the winners by assistant parish priest Fr. Rolwin Fernandes.

Mrs. Irene Cardoza delivered a vote of thanks, marking the conclusion of the formal program.

The ward members then presented an engaging cultural program. Mr. Cyprian Pinto and Mrs. Sushma Carvalho coordinated the cultural events, which showcased the talents of the ward members.

The day's celebrations came to a close with a delicious meal served to all attendees, perfectly capping off the joyous occasion of the Kachur Ward day celebrations.

This event highlighted the strong sense of community and devotion among the parishioners of Kachur Ward, as well as their commitment to recognizing individual achievements and fostering cultural activities. The celebration served not only as a religious observance but also as a platform for community bonding and talent showcase, reinforcing the ward's unity and spirit.

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