Mission Sunday Activities in St Peter Church, Barkur.

As part of Mission Sunday, sale of food items was held at the premises of St Peter Church, Barkur under the leadership of Women Association of the Parish. Purpose behind was to generate funds that will help missionary work. 

Entire parish participated with great enthusiasm and all the food items were sold out within no time. Everybody expressed positive feedback about the food items as well as the manner in which the event was organised. Also the auctions were held. A Rooster (donated by Vineetha Dalmeida), Hand of Bananas (donated by Mr Julius Roche) and Offerings (by Parishioners) were auctioned, and they were won by Mr & Mrs Gratian Sheela Dsilva, Mr Cyprian Pinto and Jyothi Furtado respectively. 

A unique way to involve everybody in this good deed to support a noble cause.

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