NJC Barkur, on right track of the revival of its great glory

As aware, the National Junior College, Barkur, once the only High School and later a Junior College, was established in the year 1946, has been famous for many first time experiments and success, since last 75 years. Its success story has been recorded basically in three faces – Great and unparallel 25 years under its one and only founder Head Master Shri PN Bhoja Rao. Then came another wonderful 25 years under the most respected gentleman Principal Shri B Seetharama Shetty.

The recent 25 years marked by many ups and downs – since the success of an Educational Institution fairly related to who will lead it and for how long….? This phase has seen many Principals in Shri Venkatraman Aithal, Shri Shankernarayana Aithal and few more for short duration to the incumbent Shri Kotrasmami.  No doubt. all of them contributed in their own capacities and strengths. However, for an external observer, or to its onetime alumnae, it looks that such a great Institution in NJC, why it is lagging behind to match with its historical past glory….!?

The Diamond Jubilee year offered all these beneficiaries and well-wishers an opportunity to plan for the revival of their alma mater and the process has been started. As the office bearers of Barkur Educational Society, NJC Old Students Association & all important Jubilee Celebrations Committee claimed the support and encouragement has been spectacular and spontaneous.

In its collective journey to reach the old students scattered and established all over, team comprising all three set-ups arranged Get together at various places wherever the NJC family have a sizable presence – Brahmmavar, Mandarthi, Saiberkatte, Santhekatte already taken care. In this month, Bangalore experience was said to be one of its great successes, Followed by Mysore too recorded great response…

Yesterday yet again a new experience in Hubli Dharvad, where our Barkurian NJC old students have a sizable presence with many of them having hotel business, and engaged in other industry and enterprises.

Barkuronline Team wish all the success to its torch bearers in former Principal Shri B Seetharama Shetty, Chairman of Platinum Jubilee Celebrations team Shri Rajarama Shetty and their formidable and cohesive team all success in their endeavors.

More details to follow.

Reported by: P. Archibald Furtado.

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