Obituary : Rev. Fr. Valerian Mendonca


Fr. Valerian Mendonca, 

Rector, Milares Cathedral, Former Parish Priest, Barkur

Passed away on 03/07/2024 .

Funeral arrangements of V. Rev Fr Valerian Mendonca, Rector Milagres Cathedral.

The Mortal remains will be brought to Milagres Cathedral Kallianpur on Monday, 8th July, 2024 at 12 noon for public viewing. The general public will be allowed to pay homage till 3:15 pm at the church portico. All those who wish to keep flower bouquets or wreaths on the coffin are requested to do so before 3:15. No one will be allowed for the same after the commencement of funeral mass at 3:30 pm.

Separate places inside the church will be reserved for priests, nuns and family members. 

During the burial only the priests, nuns, family members and selected members of the parish pastoral council will be permitted inside the cemetery, around the grave.

Once the coffin is laid in the grave and those who are around the grave start moving out then the rest of the people move towards the grave pay their last respects.

Parking arrangement

1. Priests, nuns and the family members will park their vehicle at the Milagres Cathedral Church premises. 

2. Those who stay back for the funeral service/Mass are requested to park their vehicles at Milagres College premises. 

3. Those who come for public viewing and leave thereafter are requested to park their vehicles in the English Medium High School premises. 

There will be sufficient number of volunteers to guide you.

Fr Denis D'Sa


Udupi Diocese

Click here to read more about Fr.Mendonca as our POM

Click here to read more about Fr.Mendonca as our POM

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