Students at Maryknoll School, Hosala Barkur, Celebrate Teachers' Day with Enthusiasm

-News n Pics Saritha Quadros

In a heartwarming display of appreciation for their educators, students at Maryknoll School in Hosala Barkur celebrated Teachers' Day with great zeal and creativity. Traditionally observed on September 5th to commemorate the birthday of the former President of India, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, who was a renowned teacher and philosopher, this year's celebration took on a unique twist.

Class VII students took the initiative to surprise their teachers with a variety of engaging activities that left a lasting impression. Under the shade of the famous Mango Tree, the day was filled with lively dances, melodious songs, and entertaining action songs performed by students from different classes. To add to the excitement, teachers were also treated to a couple of enjoyable games.

The images captured during the event speak volumes about the vibrant atmosphere at Maryknoll School, where both students and teachers are actively engaged in enriching activities. What truly stood out was the leadership and involvement of senior students, who not only organized the celebration but also mentored and guided their younger peers.

Mrs. Joyce DSa, the Headmistress of Maryknoll School, expressed her appreciation for the remarkable efforts of the students. She commended their dedication, participation, and leadership skills in ensuring that the celebration was a resounding success.

The event, which was captured by Saritha Quadros through reports and pictures, showcased the deep bond between teachers and students at Maryknoll School, where each day is an opportunity for learning and appreciation. This year's Teachers' Day celebration will undoubtedly be remembered as a testament to the school's vibrant and supportive community.

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