The Emirates Barkurians

The latest development is the formation of similar platform in UAE – under the banner ‘Emirates Barkurians’……Thanks to the visit of Bishop Henry D’Souza the event encouraged Barkurians in UAE to come together………!

Many hands and minds must have put in their efforts, as the photo–albums making rounds in the various social web-sites substantiate its claims of great success.

Three generations of Barkurians roughly since 1955 – 60 found their livelihood in this part of the Gulf, comprising seven regions – Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaima. It is estimated that, out of every 100 NRB’s (Non-resident Barkurians) more tan 10 are serving in UAE, hence it is welcome coming together in the interest of community, to set an example to others to follow the suit.

Though the Indian immigrants are part of various social and religious communities in the ‘United Arab Emirates’, they do not forget the hardships of people in their hometown. They contribute generously and dispense the contributions through local Church, at times of need, for disaster relief efforts provided to victims regardless of religion, educational institutions.

All these Indian associations of various natures are organized to provide a structure for preservation of the deep spirituality, culture and family values which Barkurians and other Mangaloreans have brought with them.

These associations hold annual gatherings to deepen the faith and celebrate their cultural and linguistic traditions such as ‘Monthi Feast’ with a Konkani Mass, at par with all pomp and splendor in the natives……..Its most appropriate at to call back here that, the ‘Pedruchi Chavi’, the parish booklet used to get published 4 times in a year in 2004 – 2008, on a rotation sponsored by the Barkurians specially living in various Gulf countries and other places as well.


Emirates Barkurians celebrated their Patron Saint, Peter’s Feast in Dubai on 29th June 2012 at the residence of Naveen Sequeira of Barkur, the newly elected President of Karaval Milan, a popular association in Mumbai.

A great number of more than 50 Barkurians gathered with family and friends hailing from different Emirates to make this day a special occasion

Though the programme started with a delay caused due to the guests coming from Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and R.A.K etc., it was most definitely worth the wait.


 Naveen Sequeira, was the chief guest and Walter D Almeida from Abu Dhabi  was the honorary guest for the occasion.  

The progamme started with a warm welcome from compere of the day , Pius James followed by a word of prayer  

The Chief guest and the honorary guest were honored with flowers as the office bearers joined them. Great words of support and encouragement were spoken by the two dignitaries.


President of Emirates Barkurians, Herbert Menezes welcomed, wished and thanked all Barkurians for making it to the venue and supporting this group.

The 2nd part of the progamme followed by entertaining the crowd that comprised of various games and fun factors conducted by the Vice President  Vera Monterio Crow which kept the crowd busy and amused. Compere  Pius kept the crowd going with his non stop humor.

Timely snacks and beverages were served between the progammes to keep away the heat and hunger.  

Made to order lunch was catered by Canara Restaurant, Dubai to revitalize the pallets of Barkurians; the same was sponsored by Walter D Almeida


After the sumptuous lunch many issues were discussed on a tea break and it was planned to meet up again on the 7th Sept. 2012 to celebrate Monti Festh… the feast of nativity followed by an outing on a holiday on the demand request from the crowd.

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