Antony Barkur Honored with Goa Konkani Akademi Puraskar for "Maasam" at Prestigious Ceremony

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In a celebration of literary excellence and cultural heritage, the Goa Konkani Akademi recently bestowed its esteemed awards upon distinguished personalities during a grand event held at Rajbhavan Panaji, Goa. The occasion, which coincided with the 37th Konkani Rajbhas Day celebrations, witnessed the recognition of remarkable contributions to Konkani literature and language over the past years.

Among the recipients, Antony Barkur  was honored with the prestigious Goa Konkani Akademi Puraskar for his captivating collection of stories titled "Maasam." The accolade was presented to him by the Chief Minister of Goa, Dr. Pramod Savant, in a ceremony presided over by the eminent Jnanapeetha Awardee writer, Damodar Mauzo.

The event, graced by notable dignitaries including Mr. Madhav Koushik, President of Kendra Sahitya Akademi, Mr. Vasant Sawant, Interim President of Goa Konkani Akademi, and Mrs. Meghana Shetgaokar, Secretary of Goa Konkani Akademi, underscored the significance of literary contributions in enriching the cultural fabric of the region.

Antony Barkur's literary masterpiece, "Maasam," not only received acclaim from the Goa Konkani Akademi but also garnered recognition on a global scale. The same book had previously earned the prestigious Vishwa Konkani Award and the Konkani Bhasha Mandal Awards, solidifying its status as a seminal work in Konkani literature.

Published by Sanjana Prakashana in Kannada script and by Kavita Publications in Devanagari script, "Maasam" captivates readers with its poignant narratives and rich storytelling. Kishoo Barkur contributed the foreword, adding depth to the literary experience, while the cover page was designed to reflect the essence of the stories within.

The recognition of Antony Barkur's "Maasam" underscores the vibrancy and diversity of Konkani literature, serving as a testament to the enduring legacy of storytelling in the region. As Goa continues to celebrate its linguistic and literary heritage, such accolades reinforce the importance of nurturing and promoting indigenous languages and literature for generations to come.

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