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Dear brothers and sisters, and the viewers of this web site, I am Fr. Joseph Anthony Andrade better  known as Fr. Tony Andrade. I was born and brought up in Barkur. My primary education was in Barkur. In 1980 I joined the seminary to become priest and was ordained to the Holy Order of priesthood on the 19th of December, 1992. I served a short period of time in Bangalore (India) and then went to the USA to serve in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota. Presently I am the parish priest of St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church located in St. Paul, Minnesota (visit our web site:-

I Hope and pray this column "Spiritual Corner" will inspire many viewers of our web site. As all of us know the need of spirituality in our daily life. We walk our faith journey trusting in God our creator and we are certain one day we will meet our creator God in Heaven. Meanwhile here on earth we need good insights to enlighten our minds and hearts in our spiritual life. in this column I will write articles which will be short and precise that may help our interested viewers to reflect on their own spirituality. I welcome others also to share their articles and reflections. This column is open to all the faith denominations. What is important is that we inspire each other on our own spiritual journey.

My sincere thanks to Kishoo de Barkur, the designer of this beautiful web site, and for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts and reflection on our web site.

Fr. Joseph Anthony Andrade

St. Thomas the Apostle parishioners from St. Paul, Minnesota (USA) Visited our historic town of Barkur.

Three of our parishioners have had a great desire to visit India and have been planning this memorabilia trip for several years. This year that dream finally came true when Odysseys Travel and Tour Groups from New York organized a tour to North India. A small group of 24 travelers began their journey from New York on the 5th of January 2006. They visited Delhi, Agra, the Taj Mahal, and many of Northern India’s beautiful parks, temples, palaces and century old forts built by the Mughal kings. They described their historic visit to India as one of the most memorable trips they would ever make in their lifetime. After completion of their well-organized tour they visited the Southern part of India. They traveled from Delhi to Mangalore, via Mumbia, and spent 4 days visiting Mangalore, Udupi, Sastan, and Barkur.

Below I present to the web site viewers a description of their visit to Mangalore in their own words. It is well described with dates and all their activities when they were in our hometown. Also, there are pictures showing how they enjoyed their visit to our historic hometown of Barkur.

Visit to Mangalore:

1/18    Delhi to Mangalore. Left the Taj Mahal Hotel at 7:45 AM for the airport. The flight to Mumbai was delayed about 1/2 hour. Arrived in Mumbai in plenty of time to make our flight to Mangalore. We ended up in 1st   class on the plane!

Arrived in Mangalore about 3:30PM. Fr. Tony, Rony, their travel agent Victor Pinto, his wife and 2 daughters were there to meet us. They presented us with garlands and flowers. What a treat!!

Took us about 1 hour to reach our hotel. We looked around the hotel, got oriented a bit, and then had a beer with Rony, Fr. Tony, and Raju and planned the next day.

When we opened our suitcases we found that some of our clothes were wet. Cleaned things up got gifts ready for the Andrade family tomorrow and then had ice cream in the hotel restaurant.

Tomorrow we begin our tour at 9:30AM. We’re taking 2 pizzas with us!! Fr. Tony and Rony will be here to go with us.

1/19    Barkur and the Andrade Family. On the road at 9:30 AM. Our driver took us to Rony’s Allina lab. And their Allina religious gift shop.

We were met with flowers wherever we go! Visited the lab. And gift shop and then visited the computer center next door. The fellow who runs the computer center owns the building where the lab. And gift shop is located. The Andrades rent from him. Visited Doctor Hemanth Kumar who has his clinic across the street from Rony’s lab. He refers patients to Rony. We visited his lovely new home, met his wife, Dr. Usah Hemanth, and had tea. In their home they have added a small exam room to see patients who come their home when their clinic is closed.

We visited a home for the aged and met Sr. Hilda, the superior of the sister’s community. She gave us a tour of the home.

We visited the office of the mayor of Barkur (Barkur Panchayath Office) and met Mr. Shantharama Shetty, president of Barku Panchayath, and his staff. They offered us a drink of coconut juice right out of the coconut. Something new to us!

Went to the Andrade family home and had lunch. Met Fr. Tony’s mother Benedicta, Rony’s wife Sharmila, and their 2 children, Risha and Patrick. After lunch we went on a boat ride and then watched a neighbor stretch a net across the river to catch fish. 2 small fish were caught! Jacob, boater and Harry, fisherman. Raju is the Andrade driver. Our driver from the hotel is Vittal.

Visited a girl’s orphanage in Barkur run by the Charity Sisters of Barkur and saw where the bridge is being replaced. Because of the bridge being out it adds at least 45 minutes going to and from the Andrade home. Back to the hotel for supper.


1/20    Udupi/Barkur/Mangalore. Left today at 8:00 AM as we’re going to visit Bishop Aloysius Paul D’Souza of Mangalore. Arrived at 9:30 AM and had a good visit. We were “garlanded” by the Bishop and given bouquets of flowers. Had tea and cookies with him and he talked about the work in his diocese.

He walked us through the retreat center and the addition he’s having built. We then went to a nearby hospital, Father Muller’s, and visited the OPD Clinic and met some of the staff. Sharon had her picture taken with the staff in the Psychiatric Clinic.

Went back to the Bishop’s house and had a great lunch with him. Lots of food! He gave each of us a lovely shawl and wooden plaque of the Sacred Heart and Blessed Virgin. He also honored our pastor, Fr. Tony Andrade, with a gift.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped by the Arabian seaside. We walked on the Kaup beach, saw the lighthouse, and took pictures.

Back to the hotel by 4:00 PM. took a nap and then went for a walk. Had a light supper.

1/21    Udupi & Barkur. Went shopping for a few more souvenirs. Visited a Sri Krishna Hindu temple in Udupi and was blessed by an elephant. When you put a coin in her trunk she “bopped” you on the head with her trunk. Visited the fish market.

Had lunch at the hotel with Fr. Tony, Rony, and Raju. We were later picked up at 4:30 PM and stopped at Fr. Tony’s barber so Barney could get a haircut. From there, after a quick visit to Rony’s Lab., we went to the Andrade home for dinner. Many relatives came to join us and we all had a great time. Lots of picture taking and lots of fun!

A canopy was set up outside and all the food was put out so people could help themselves. Before dinner we all said the rosary together. Great evening! When we were leaving Fr. Tony asked Sharon, his mother and I to bless the children. What a beautiful practice.

Back to the hotel to pack as we leave for Delhi tomorrow after Mass. Fireworks were shot off near the hotel to celebrate graduations at the hospital.

1/22    Barkur, Mangalore, Mumbai, Delhi. Up early and on the road by 5:45 AM to attend Mass at St. Peter’s Church in Barkur.

Fr. Tony celebrated Mass and preached in his local language. Fr. Remegious Aranha, the parish priest, con-celebrated with our pastor. The singing by the congregation was beautiful and the church was full!! We were asked to take up the gifts at the offertory. We were welcomed and presented with flowers at the end of Mass by the pastor. (The entire Mass was videotaped by Fr. Tony’s cousin, Alwyan Andrade.) Had a light breakfast with the pastor and then said good-bye to all the Andrades and left for the airport. It took us 2 hours to get to the airport as the roads were terrible and the traffic very crowded.

Arrived in Delhi about 4:30 PM and were met by our driver. Taken to the Intercontinental Nehru Hotel where we stayed overnight.

1/23    Left Delhi for the USA.

We have had a great trip, saw many interesting things and met many wonderful people!

Report submitted by Fr. Tony and Carol McKenna of St. Thomas the Apostle Church.


Barkur, located in Udupi Taluk, Karnataka, India. 576 210

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